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The Danube Cup

The Danube Cup competition was established in 1990, just after the fall of the Iron Curtain. It was conceived as a cross-border sports project to promote peace and understanding and involved three countries (the former Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hungary). Czechoslovakia was later replaced by one of its successor states, Slovakia, which like Austria and Hungary lies on the Danube. The Danube Cup is series of events (above all involving young people) taking place on an annual basis in the above-mentioned countries. Competitions are currently held in the following disciplines: baseball/softball, archery, judo, modern pentathlon and table tennis.

The country with the highest number of points overall becomes the holder of the Danube Cup (currently it is Slovakia). Austria wants to continue this tradition, and if possible to extend it in the future. An increase in the number of sports involved is planned to mark the 30th anniversary of the competition in 2020. Promising talks on this issue are currently being held with the karate associations of the three countries.