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Secretary of State Ulrike Lunacek

Ulrike Lunacek, Staatssekretärin im Bundesministerium für öffentlichen Dienst und Sport
Mag.a Ulrike Lunacek: Secretary of State photo: BKA/Andy Wenzel
Political functions
Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport since 29 January 2020
Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of the Civil Service and Sport since 7 January 2020
Vice-President of the European Parliament 01.07.2014–23.10.2017
Member of the European Parliament for the Greens/EFA (European Free Alliance) 14.07.2009–08.11.2017
Vice-President of the Greens/EFA grouping in the European Parliament 2013-2014
Deputy leader of the parliamentary Green party in the Austrian and European Parliaments 28.10.2008–28.10.2013
Co-Chairperson of the European Green Party (EGP) 2006–2009
Member of the National Council [main chamber of the Austrian Parliament] (XXI.-XXIV GP) GREEN PARTY 29.10.1999 09.07.2009
Federal Chairman of the Green Party 1996–1998
Professional background
Interpreter, journalist, speaker and moderator
Press Officer of the ÖIE Austrian Information Service for Development Aid Policy (now remamed as Südwind-Agentur) 1993-1995
Journalist, Südwind Magazine 1989–1992
Teacher of German as a foreign language to refugees 1985–1988
Specialist member of staff at the organisation Frauensolidarität (Women’s Solidarity), Vienna 1984–1986
Management and acting (pantomime) at TheaterBrett, Vienna 1983-1984
Social worker, Innsbruck women’s refuge, 1981
Degree in Interpreting (English and Spanish) at the University of Innsbruck (1975–1983
AFS exchange student / Boon High School, Iowa, USA 1973-1974
Kleine Sperlgasse 2c Grammar School, Vienna, 1967–1975
Primary school in Amstetten and Vienna, 1963–1967
Awards Grand Golden Medal of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria, 2009
Grand Golden Medal of Honour with Star for Services to the Republic of Austria, 2019
Publications Book: Frieden bauen heißt weit bauen - Von Brüssel ins Amselfeld und retour: Mein Beitrag zu Kosovos/Kosovas Weg in die EU (Building Peace Means Building Over Great Distances – from Brussels to the Battle of Kosovo Polje (Field of Blackbirds) and Back Again: My Contribution to Kosovo/Kosova’s Path into the EU), Wieser, Vienna, 2018
Book: Zwischenrufe – Kolumnen, Kommentare, Interviews (Heckling - Columns, Opinion Articles, Interviews), Milena Frauenverlag, Wien 2006
Opinion articles in Austrian and international magazines, newspapers, specialist journals, articles and radio programmes on development policy and women’s policy. ;