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Subsidies for Climate-Ready Culture Businesses

Kultur klimafit

In cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund and as part of the new Climate-Ready Culture Businesses subsidies programme, the Federal Ministry of the Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport provides financial support for investments in climate-friendly and energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling, as well as the use of renewable sources of energy or the equipment of buildings with thermal insulation.

With a total volume of EUR 15 million, the Climate-Ready Culture Businesses funding programme offers culture enterprises subsidies for climate-friendly investments.


The investment fund creates incentives for the ecological transformation of businesses from the culture sector and in this way supports their transition to a climate-neutral future. The objective of the programme is to promote sustainability, and in particular to contribute towards the achievement of the environmental and climate-related goals of the European Green Deal.

The subsidies ultimately have the objective of preserving the cultural infrastructure in Austria and enabling medium-term energy efficiency measures which also reduce costs.

Development and resilience plan

The fund forms part of the Austrian development and resilience plan and is being funded with money from the Resilience and Recovery Fund of the European Union. The funding programme is open to all companies from the arts and culture sector that are based in Austria.

Which subsidies are available?

Specifically, investments in measures to reduce CO2 emissions can be subsidised when they are realised within the framework of a sustainability concept:

  • Climate-friendly heating, ventilation and cooling
  • The utilisation of renewable sources of energy
  • Energy-efficient indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • Thermal insulation of buildings
  • Measures to reduce the use of natural resources and cut CO2 emissions

An amount of up to € 250,000 is available to each applicant, which is paid in the form of a grant which does not need to be repaid.

Further information is available in German in the FAQs at Kultur klimafit.

Processing and deadlines

The programme is being managed in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund. Applications can be submitted online within two tendering periods at kultur.klimafonds.gv.at

1st tender
10.10.2022 – 15.03.2023

2nd tender
16.03.2023 – 29.09.2023

The online application form (in German) is available on the website Meine Förderung.

After an examination of the formal requirements by the KPC (Kommunalkredit Public Consulting) the applications will be evaluated by an advisory council chaired by the BMKÖS. Decisions related to the subsidies will be made at the BMKÖS.

Legal basis and information

Detailed information on the tenders, the costs which are eligible for subsidies, the prerequisites for the receipt of subsidies, the amount of the subsidies and their intensity, the criteria for selection and how the subsidies are processed can be viewed on the website of the Climate and Energy Fund.

The legal basis for the subsidy programme is formed by the special guidelines of the BMKÖS.