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Council Working Group on Sport

The Council is supported by the Permanent Representatives Committee of the Member States of the EU and by working group and committees, the ‘preparatory bodies of the Council’. For the field of sport, the Council Working Group on Sport has been established. The Council Working Group on Sport is chaired by the EU Member State which currently holds the presidency of the Council. The presidency of the Council is rotated among the EU Member States every six months. The changeover of the presidency takes place on 1 January and 1 July of each year. The Council Working Group on Sport prepares relevant documents for the sports section of the EYCS Council and draws up statements and contributions. The Council Working Group on Sport meets four to six times per semester in order to come to a consensus regarding the content of documents.

The EU Work Plan for Sport, one of the most important working documents for sport, which lays down the tasks at EU level for four years, is also negotiated in this body.

Due to the regular changeover of the presidency of the Council, a programme of work covering a period of 18 months is drawn up by three countries which will hold the presidency consecutively. In this way, it is ensured that topics are dealt with on a continuous basis. This way of working is described as a trio presidency.

The presidency is currently held by Romania, followed by its trio partners Finland and Croatia.